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We design and manufacture custom Carbonated Insulation Panels for various architectural styles, then export and install them, with optional on-site training for contractors.

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Our factory specializes in designing Carbonated Insulation Panels tailored to various architectural styles, including Modern, Classical, Western, and Eastern. We collaborate closely with contractors to create customized designs that align with the specific aesthetic and functional requirements of their building projects.


After finalizing the design, we manufacture the Carbonated Insulation Panels with precision and high-quality materials to ensure they meet the specific needs of each project. Our production process is streamlined to accommodate custom orders, ensuring that every panel is produced to the exact specifications required by the contractor.


Once manufactured, we handle the logistics of exporting our Carbonated Insulation Panels to any country worldwide. Our experienced team ensures that the panels are securely packed and shipped, guaranteeing they arrive at the project site in perfect condition, ready for installation.


We offer a comprehensive installation service, sending our skilled team to the construction site to install the panels efficiently and correctly. Alternatively, if the contractor prefers to use their own team, we provide thorough training to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to install the panels effectively, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

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