Abiat is an Emiraty company that produces a CIP products for construction companies or individuals who wants to Redecorate or insulate their properties.

Based on our work in construction, we executed many projects in different countries in Europe, Turkey, and some Arab gulf countries. And even though we had limited and few options regarding decorations and external walls cladding which did not provide full building insulation, we had a decent impression with installing decorations and polystyrene boards concerning shape, percentage of insulation and speed of work. Which encouraged us to focus on developing this product. We didn’t use to make this product ourselves, we used to buy its raw materials from different suppliers, then we prepare and make our preferences in our work shops with our teammates, we developed this product to fit most projects and to endure Weather fluctuations whether it was extremely cold or extremely hot.

We have formed a team of professionals in insulation systems and exterior buildings design specialists to achieve a product that provides a 100% building insulation and offers any proposed shape or design.

Our first signs of production were in 2014, when we established our first factory in Istanbul. Our journey continued and we established our second factory in Saudi Arabia in 2019, in order to satisfy our clients and in view of the increasing demand for our products We decided to expand and establish several factories in different countries in different countries for easy access to the product by the customer quickly, safely and at lowest cost.

We established a third factory in 2021 in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, and we chose this privileged location to be our headquarters to manage all our business.

Our Vision

Our team continuously develops products to suit the client’s needs, we also workon producing mixtures that give different shapes to match all indoor and outdoor decorations, we provide technical support to customers on site and during execution free of charge, so we can always be ready to provide solutions to any update facing the client.

Our products are highly reliable to suit areas of heritage nature, create figures and statues that looks real, we also upgrade indoor decoration boards regarding colors and options What also distinguishes our products is that they are easy to install by technical workers, whether specialized or non-specialized alike, Our distribution channels also provide easy ordering, shipping and payment for the customer We observe the market to know the demands of each region to provide our services as soon as possible.

Featured Points

All our products are guaranteed of corrosion, wearing, or cracks in the panels, for a period of twenty years.

We choose our headquarters in easily accessible places headquarters.

Our prices are fixed throughout the year, even when facing fluctuations in the market, or in the prices of raw materials Monthly production quantity: 60000 square meters.

Manufacturing and storage space: 30000 feet.

Storage quantity up to 20000 square meters.

We are distinguished by the accuracy of delivery times, transparency of communication with the customer during manufacturing period, Flexibility and cooperation in case of any adjustments.

Our prices are fixed throughout the year, even when facing fluctuations in the market, or in the prices of raw materials.

Each one of our projects is unique there for We study the project with the client in case they desire, and discuss the smallest details with the engineering team in the factory.

We provide professional technical staff in case the client asks us to Using the safest and most up-to-date methods to work with high buildings (towers).

We provide all our customers with the best services and information that defines the features of our products and weaknesses in the market and what problems we can solve by providing the customer with the services that meats their expectations to become partners in success.

The Certificates and Agreements

ABIAT, as an insulation manufacturer in Dubai City, holds a range of certificates and agreements that reflect our commitment to the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance. Certificates such as quality certification and product certifications ensure that our products comply with global and local standards, ensuring customer satisfaction and enhancing our reputation in the market. On the other hand, agreements with suppliers, distributors, and partners provide stability in the supply chain and mitigate risks, thereby enhancing operational continuity and contributing to achieving competitive excellence. I.

Our Services

We provide the customer with all the information required to know us and our products, and we explain all the pros and cons before completing the order.





Ever since the moment we started this manufacturing business, our team had a goal to achieve.

Our big goal was divided into smaller goals each one divided further into small goals so that achieving each one means working on little missions.

We hand out these little missions effectively to our team members depending on their experiences, so that these missions would be executed on time with highest quality to meet our company’s values (time, price, and scope of work).

We are proud to manage our team effectively and successfully, and that is by choosing a group of brilliant engineers, and the best technicians to put our product in experience and trained hands which was after a great deal of planning, analyzing and distributing roles, and also team motivating to accomplish the specific goal in the work plan.